A Vocal Mosaic of AIRS

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I feel as though the picture for this blog, or perhaps we should call it a portrait, needs no explanation. I will say, however, that straw hats with red braids are abundant on PEI, and I have a feeling that when the Reveal family leaves Prince Edward Island we may have one of said hats with braids in our possession.

The family arrives on Saturday, and I absolutely cannot wait to show them around Charlottetown, see Anne of Green Gables the Musical, eat yummy bed and breakfast food, and expose them to my lablife in the basement of the Robertson Library at UPEI.

If I can get everything in place, this week will be my last week of work work work on PEI. Kind of. After I complete the final analyses on my data, I can finish the draft of my research report and finalize my presentation. I am also taking my final exam on Friday. In the midst of finishing up my work here, we are also planning a conference to be held Thursday, August 12 (two days before we leave). Along with the other undergraduates in the lab, I will be presenting my research at the conference. I am excited to finally be a part of an academic conference, and I think it will be very rewarding to present my research.

Pheeew-y! I can’t believe two weeks from right now Mom and I will be driving somewhere along the east coast. Probably wanting to stop for some ice cream. I’ll try to keep breathing as these next two weeks begin to pelt stressors at me–I’m certainly looking forward to a quasi-relaxing week with family family family.

P.S. The title of this post is the title of the conference we’re planning. Also! My Kalamazoo colleagues and I were in one of the Charlottetown newspapers, “The Buzz” highlighting the conference. That’s what I get for studying abroad in a small town!


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