Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seeing as I just got totally overwhelmed while looking at my coursework for the next year, I thought it would be best if I distract myself by blogging about happy things that have been happening in the past few days.

All the happy things are so happy because they means my time in London is finally being put into perspective (and I actually have a class schedule now!).

We’ll start with Tuesday:

My schedule on Tuesday was exciting because it contained enrolment and induction for my course. I’m not sure if every UK university has similar procedures, but the enrolment/induction process was new to me as I’m used to doing everything online. At Goldsmiths, however, you do it the old fashioned way—standing in line.

I had the induction for my course at 14.00 and got to learn about the structure of the course, the classes we’d be taking, when we choose our dissertation topics, and the backgrounds of the other Music, Mind & Brain students. Hearing about the other people in the program was extremely interesting because it seemed that, for most people, this program was a second shot. Many already have Masters degrees in performance, engineering, journalism…you name it. I can’t wait to see how differently each person will approach the topics.

Following the induction, we enrolled (the standing in line part). This process consisted of showing our transcripts, passports, etc. and then receiving our student ID cards. Totally painless. We then had a wine and cheese event for the postgraduate students—you really can’t go wrong with wine and cheese.

Today was more paperwork, picking up reference letters from enrolment and accommodations so I could create my bank account this afternoon. A word of warning for those thinking of spending an extended period of time in the UK: getting a bank account takes a lot of planning and you’ll have to jump through some hoops. I wasn’t encouraged after reading articles online with titles like, “Getting a bank account in the UK: The most annoying thing ever,” but I found that as long as I brought every single document I could think of with me, it was a breeze.

Sitting outside waiting for my bank appointment, I first got excited to be living in London. With the bustle of a new school year, I sometimes forget I’m even in London, much less actually take the time to appreciate it. Starting a relationship with a new city is always a tedious, but rewarding task. It’s finding those nooks and crannies, those unexpected places, that I most look forward to in the coming months.

Tomorrow one of the conveners of our program asked us to be “expert judges” for a music cognition demo he’s doing for Dutch Television. So, tune in tomorrow to learn about how famous I am after appearing on Dutch TV.


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