Cheese and Crackers and Champagne and Salmon and Salad and Berries, oh my!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tuesday night we were invited to dinner at Dr. Cohen’s house for an evening of wonderful food and conversation with one of her doctoral students who is working with film music from a social psychologist’s perspective. Boy, did she feed us. We had an excellent meal that just kept comin’, followed by ice cream and fresh berries on her back patio. I think eating those berries and ice cream outside was the first real feeling of summer since I’ve been here. Summer. I have so many wonderful memories of summertime in Oakwood-riding in the car with the windows down blasting music from 6th grade, sitting on the Moberg’s front porch spitting sunflower seeds and laughing, and of course the many pool and shed parties. I have been so blessed with family and friends and a safe, supportive community in which to grow. It’s daunting that there may not be anymore carefree summers with my best friends. We’re all growing up and graduating and getting jobs and internships, applying to programs and taking the GRE/GMAT/MCAT/LSAT (geez). What a time in our lives. So full of feverish anticipation, yet also terrifying and heartbreaking.

Just some ramblings as I realize I have one month before heading back to the states. Busy busy helping with the AIRS regional conference, writing papers, taking midterms, getting my research together to present.

An update: we took off early and went to the beach on Friday, so above is a picture of that! This beach in Souris is known as the “Singing Sands” beach because when you walk on it, the sand squeaks. Interesting…


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