London Ain’t So Rainy

Sunday, October 23, 2011

For the non-British among us, the lack of rain since we’ve been here has been an incredible, wonderful, beautiful surprise. I was expecting cold, rainy, dreary, foggy, awful–but London has proved to be anything but those (knock on wood!).

Last weekend, the fall weather prompted an all-day picnic in Greenwich park, and it was an absolutely charming day. We loaded up on cheese, bread, grapes, muffins, rice, pasta, and wine and spent our Saturday lazily enjoying our new London lives. This park is also home to the prime meridian, and while we didn’t stand in line to get a photo straddling two hemispheres, we did spy the line through the gate. As was stated by a fellow American, “The British do parks really well.” Lots of green space, rolling hills, rose gardens, a fallen tree that had supposedly been there since Henry VIII’s time.

Last weekend I also trekked to Kingston with some of my classmates for jazz at The Boaters Inn. We couldn’t quite see the jazz as all the tables in front were reserved, but it provided a nice background for our evening. Getting out of London (my first time in Zone 6!) is always a nice break from the city bustle, and this charming Thames-side town was the perfect respite.

In other [very important] news, I think we’ve found our local in the Royal Albert (see previous blog). Today we’re actually headed over to test out their Sunday Roast. This seems to be a traditional British meal, which I imagine to be much like Sunday Dinner at my favourite Southern’s family’s home.

To my Dayton family, I wish I could have been there this weekend. Mum and Danny better have given you lots and lots of hugs, and I hope I’ll get to see you all at Christmastime!

UPDATE (24 Oct):

Sunday Roast is my new favourite British tradition. Roast beef, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, Yorkshire pudding = delicious. Add in good friends and its even better.


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