Stadler Elmer Pitch Analyzer & My First Weekend Here

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

For you Anne of Green Gables fanatics, I think you can guess whose house this is…Before mom left on Thursday, we drove up to Cavendish to see all of the Anne of Green Gables sites. We had a wonderful time touring her house, Lover’s Lane and where Lucy Maud Montgomery grew up. The sites were much less crowded because tourist season starts, well, yesterday. After Cavendish, we drove across the northern coast of PEI–saw the beautiful landscape and the beach. It will be even more beautiful when it’s a little warmer. We almost got blown away on the beach! (As we were walking back to the car we realized we had sand in our teeth, yuck.)

Now, back to work. There are three other students working in Dr. Cohen’s lab, and they hail from Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, Michigan. They are all psychology students who are working on their SIPs (Senior Independent Projects), so at the end of their time here they will be turning in a thesis. Watching them go through the process makes me realize how close we are to finishing our college career. Soon, I’ll have my own senior theses to turn in. I shiver at the thought.

Basically this first week in the lab has been learning how to use the software (hence the title of this entry), and familiarizing ourselves with the AIRS Test Battery. If you’re interested, look up the AIRS (Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing) project and everything they’re working on. It’s an international project headed up by Dr. Cohen that attempts to look at singing in terms of three stages: development, education, and well-being. The test-battery that we will be working with has different components that test things like pitch accuracy, memory, creativity, etc. Currently, my interest lies with the component based on completion of a musical phrase–it will be interesting to see how that interest forms itself into a final project. What constitutes a “complete” piece of music? At what ages does this sense of completion develop? What can number of utterances tell us about creativity? So many questions, so little time.

Otherwise, it’s just work work work, and the Kalamazoo students and I have been going to dinner and exploring Charlottetown. We had Brit’s Fish & Chips on Saturday-yum yum yum.


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