“The time has come,” the Walrus said…

Thursday, January 26, 2012

To talk of many things.

I was amazed after going through all my previous posts from Prince Edward Island and earlier this year at how many memories are contained here. That’s why I couldn’t simply leave them behind–they had to be lovingly transferred to their new home, so please forgive that every post prior to today will be filed under the same date. With the start of the new year, I’m excited to take the first steps into my big-girl blog.

I’ve been holding out on posting until I established this site, so now to recap my lovely weekend:

Saturday night we celebrated my friend’s birthday with a murderous pub crawl in honour of Jack the Ripper. Doing the research for this pub crawl was really quite creepy, so naturally I have to share what I learned.

  • Jack the Ripper was a rather famous serial killer in 1888 London who targeted prostitutes. He got his name because he’d remove their internal organs after killing them (such lovely blogging material). His real identity was never discovered.
  • The Whitechapel area (where the murders took place) was extremely impoverished and people spent a lot of time in the pubs. Prostitutes would make circulate around the pubs because standing around too long might get them arrested.
  • Certain pubs are associated with Jack the Ripper because many of his victims either frequented these pubs or were seen at them before they were murdered.
  • For a site with way more information about Jack the Ripper and pubs than you would ever want to know: Jack the Ripper.

Because we knew the history of these pubs, I think we were expecting scary little holes in the wall, but they were all seemed to cater to a very trendy, young crowd. What a relief.

Sunday night, I met up with Iwan, one of the people I met while in Ghana, as he was flying out of London the next day. We had an incredible time sharing stories and reminiscing about Ghana over tacos and fajitas. We even did a little Gota dancing while waiting for the bus (photos below of us dancing in London & Ghana). Being able to recharge by laughing about our travels provided for the perfect evening.

Other than that, this week I’ve just been writing a paper, working on details for my thesis…and of course transferring my website.


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