Things I’m Learning

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

1) My sanity is now dependent on Google video chat.

2) I could most likely live on the endless varieties of British biscuits.

3) The only thing I want to do after 4:00pm is sleep. Because that’s when it gets dark.

4) High Tea in London is really just…better.

5) I may or may not prefer the British use of ‘s’ in place of ‘z’ in words (e.g. realise). However, I think it’s confusing in neuroscience (e.g. depolarisation).

6) I definitely do not prefer putting punctuation after quotation marks. That looks silly, “mmkay”?

7) Because they don’t have Thanksgiving, I’m not even bothered that all the Christmas decorations are already up.

8) I love public transportation so much more than Atlanta made me think I did.

9) This place is everything and nothing like I imagined. And that’s practically-perfect-in-every-way fine with me.

10) Lists should end on even numbers.


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