The Rewards of Stress and Excessive Flyer Making

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Despite my well-honed ability of organisation, I’ve found myself somewhat overwhelmed by the process of recruiting and scheduling participants for my thesis project. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been calling in favours (and promising some in return) as I try to find 50 people willing to participate in my EEG study.

The willingness to reach out to people for help has never been a trait on my list of “words that describe you”, but I’d say that’s definitely a life-skill this thesis has taught me thus far. I’m realising that people are much more receptive than I expect and often willing to go above and beyond what I ask of them. Isn’t it lovely.

Even though I’m always jockeying for available lab space, basically surgically attached to my red moleskin calendar, and continually checking my email and Facebook to see if people are responding to my advert for participants, I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

After testing a few participants, I’ve finally found my footing in the lab and am feeling more and more at home there. I have my little routine, and I whittled my sessions down from a painful 3.5 hours (the first one in which everything went wrong) to a nice, cozy, consistent 3 hours. Complete with tea breaks and calm questionnaire-filling-out-time.

Wanna see my flyer?



One thought on “The Rewards of Stress and Excessive Flyer Making

  1. The road that you are traveling is being marked with progress. I thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings.God is good.

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