1st Grade Olympic Dreams Come True

Wednesday, Februrary 22, 2012

I wish I could find a picture of the 1st Grade Olympics at Harman Elementary School to accompany this post, but unfortunately they’re in a box somewhere between Kansas and Ohio. Since that first introduction to the Olympics (although I think our events were things like hula hooping…why isn’t that a real Olympic event?), I’ve loved watching Olympic events with my family. The Reveal household is especially fond of track & field, gymnastics, and anything that involves moving quickly downhill in the snow.

As the Summer Games are held in London this year, it’s only natural that I take full advantage while at the same time trying desperately to avoid anything that has to do with large crowds and the jam-packed tube. When my flatmate found tickets to London Prepares, I knew I’d found the perfect way to enjoy an Olympic-type experience while paying a fraction of the cost and losing a fraction of my sanity as compared to the Olympics in July/August.

Today we attended the 2012 Diving World Cup in the Aquatics Centre at Olympic Park as part of the events held before the Olympics as a kind of dress rehearsal for the big event in a few months. We watched the women’s 10m platform synchronised diving preliminaries, and it was such a nice afternoon. It’s amazing how much you don’t see when you’re watching events like these on TV–such as throwing their sham towels down from the highest platform so they can pick the shams back up after getting out of the water. That happened to my favourite part. Other than the actual diving, of course.

Synchronised diving began to be included in the Olympic games in 2000, so it’s really quite a young sport. Before the event, we learned some of the history of the sport of diving. It began in the 1800s (called “fancy diving” at the time) as summer training for gymnasts. In fact, one of the Australian divers today had a gold medal in gymnastics (Alexandra Croak–the first Australian to win gold in two different events).

It was extremely exciting to see the Olympic venues and to get a feel for what it will be like come July. They seem to be working out the kinks of putting on such a large event, and we were impressed with London’s efficiency. Let’s pray it stays that way when half a million spectators descend upon the city.


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