On the Catwalk

Monday, February 27, 2012

Popular culture has made me think that I know a whole lot more about fashion than I actually do. Some of my favourite pastimes include relentlessly judging the creations on Project Runway with my brother and making scoffing noises with my mother during America’s Next Top Model marathons. While I can judge all I want in the comforts of my living room, experiencing an actual fashion show is a whole new ballgame.

My ever-resourceful coursemate found us a deal on tickets to a catwalk show for London Fashion Weekend, and I couldn’t wait to take her up on the offer. After searching for the perfect not-trying-too-hard-but-still-classy outfit, we headed to Somerset House for our first catwalk experience. We got excellent seats in the second row, so we had a perfect view of the clothing (worn by tinier than imaginable models) as it came down the runway. I really enjoyed the way the show was set up, they showed 3 designer collections, interspersed with two “trend” collections that were made up of pieces by many different stores and designers. The trend collections gave a nice break to the more serious designer shows, while also giving us a taste of what might be in store for those of us who can’t quite afford designer labels.

So, of course, I can now share my insider tips into the trends for this spring season: turquoise, pastels, short pants for men, and sparkly collars (not too sure about that one). And now for a few washed out pictures of the event…


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