Oui, c’est bon

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The grocery shopping and laundry is finished, so it’s back to normal life. These past two and a half weeks have been a whirlwind of traveling, family, and friends. A really wonderful whirlwind.

With the Easter holidays, this month provided a perfect opportunity for Mom, Danny & Torey to visit. Mom & Baby Brother Danny arrived two weeks ago and we immediately jetted (and by jetted I mean took the train) to Paris for the weekend. Even though we had a limited amount of time, our Rick Steves’ tour book (referred to all weekend simply as ‘Rick’) made our time absolutely worthwhile. We spent the first night entranced by the Eiffel Tower and the next day visiting the Dali Museum in Montmartre, eating Nutella crepes and doing a self-guided walk of historic Paris including Notre Dame. We topped off our trip Sunday morning with a super fast visit to the Louvre.

Mom & Danny under the sparkling Eiffel Tower

The weekend provided an excellent introduction to Paris, since it was our first time there. While we didn’t really have the opportunity to laze around drinking wine in a cafe, we did get to hit the highlights that were most important to us and I loved being in this beautiful city with two of my favourite people.

When we returned to London I still a few lectures to attend, so Danny was able to get a taste of London. We showed him the Tower of London and my favourite pub, and even had time to play a round of disc golf and run an EEG for my thesis. Best brother ever.

At the end of the week, Danny went back to the U.S. of A. and Mom and I celebrated the end of my Masters lectures with a trip to Dover to see the White Cliffs and Dover Castle. While Dover didn’t appear in the London version of Rick the Tour Book, it was absolutely beautiful and I’d undoubtedly recommend it. The Reveal Family has a special affinity for war history, so it was especially interesting to explore the wartime tunnels in Dover. Since Dover is right in the south-east corner of Britain, it served some very important roles in WWII including being the headquarters of Operation Dynamo, which safely evacuated 400,000 British and French troops from Dunkirk.

White Cliffs of Dover

While we hated to return to London from this beautiful costal town, our return meant the arrival of my best friend Torey. With Torey we took a nerdy bus tour to Stonehenge and Bath. Like the Eiffel Tower, I found Stonehenge to be totally unreal. Seeing all these things in real life after only having seen them in photographs is an absolute gift. We then spent a relaxing evening in Bath going on a very strange, but entertaining walking tour called “Bizarre Bath” and drinking champagne in our guesthouse.

The Hanging Stones

While Mom leaving the day after we returned from drinking Roman bath water was a terriblehorribleoccurrence, Torey and I had much to look forward to the next day. More about that soon! For now, some photos.


2 thoughts on “Oui, c’est bon

  1. […] My lectures were on two of my favorite topics in music cognition: hemispheric lateralization and musicians vs. non-musicians. I know it was a risk having someone with a heavy neuroscience background come into a classroom of students with varied backgrounds, but I loved the challenge of making the material accessible and engaging them in conversation. I had to go back to my first few years of college to explain the basics of neuroanatomy but then got to go into more of what I learned this year. While describing EEG as a method, I included a picture taken during my research with Baby Bro. […]

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