Ouais, ouais, ouais.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hearing many people saying ‘ouais’ in Paris, the slang for ‘oui’ basically meaning ‘yeah’, it was only natural that we Americans immediately incorporated it (probably somewhat obnoxiously) into our conversation. Since this was just about the only French three of us could use, give us a break.

After the terriblehorribleoccurance of Mum leaving, Torey and I met three of our friends in Paris for a few days of sightseeing, wine drinking, and just being together. We’ve been friends with two of these folks basically since birth, so we had a wonderful happy time filled with lots of reminiscing and laughter.

It was Torey’s first time in Paris and basically an extension of my first time since I’d only been 2 weeks earlier, so our seasoned-Paris-veteran-friends who had studied abroad in Paris and are now living and teaching English in France had quite a job showing us around. And that’s not even including our inability to speak French, which often resulted in us hiding while they ordered food for us. Helpless Americans.

I always find that being with old friends is completely rejuvenating and this trip was no exception. Everyone told us leaving high school would be the end of our friendships, but we have all definitely made an effort to stay in touch and to visit one other throughout college and even now that we’re faux-adults. Having reunions in a place as beautiful as Paris is simply an added bonus.

The second trip to Paris in two weeks allowed me to really savour the city. The weather was absolutely perfect and we had our seasoned-Paris-veteran-friends to help manoeuvre the city and show us their favourite spots. I have to say my favourite moments, however, were those spend lounging the grass with a glass of wine making each other laugh and feeling so comfortable. Moments like those are so precious.


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