Dew on the Roses

Thursday, May 17, 2012

After many hours of studying, finding a new favourite spot in the library, and remembering that I simply can’t function without flashcards, final exams are finished. Our last exam was this morning, and yesterday I just had to get out of New Cross for a change of study scenery. It was a rare sunny day in London, so I chose Blackheath because I knew it was close by train and near Greenwich Park. Since Greenwich Park is so beautiful, I was convinced Blackheath would be perfect.

In my finals daze however, I got slightly confused about where I was going once on the train and ended up in Bexleyheath, about 15 minutes further out of London. These things always happen for a reason. I still didn’t understand exactly where I was so after stopping for a cup of tea and a delicious doughnut I set out to find a park. I stumbled upon probably what was one of my favourite finds in the greater London area, a place called Danson Park. I gathered by reading lots of signs that it was once the grounds of the Danson Mansion House, which now serves lunch and afternoon tea.

My first study spot was the perfectly hedged, English garden in the centre of the park.

English Garden–Danson Park

English Garden–Danson Park

After an hour or so there, I moved a bit further north to sit by the pond and eat my packed lunch (see, I’d prepared for such an adventure!).

Danson Park

Danson Park

I sat on a bench in the garden dedicated to a beloved grandmother. The inscription said, “God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December” (J. M. Barrie). That’s a difficult thing to remember sometimes—especially when the rain never seems to end or I’m anxious about coursework. To remember why I’m here and the incredible things I’ve experienced so far…those memories should get me through any number of Decembers.

And now a final picture from our end-of-exams celebration this afternoon.

Happy MMBs finished with exams!


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