Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yes, I did watch all the episodes of Kitchen Nightmares when I first arrived in London. And yes, I did become slightly obsessed with Gordon Ramsay. I know, he’s probably not the most gentle chef on television, but in my dedication to delicious food, I can temporarily overlook his harsher side. Thank goodness I’m in the land of Ramsay restaurants.

Early supper at Maze Grill

My ever-indulging German buddy joined me last week for an incredible, ridiculous, amazing dinner at Ramsay’s Maze Grill near Bond Street. I considered it a reward for spending approximately 500 hours in the lab last week pre-processing my data.

While I’m sometimes hesitant about fixed menus, I’m always so happy to have tried something I otherwise may not have thought to order. Let’s just relish the memories of our delicious starters:

Seared sesame beef with coriander salad

Cornish fish cakes and tartare sauce

Oh, yum. Our mains were just as perfect and upon seeing our desserts our stuffed tummies immediately made room. I’ve actually already looked up the recipe for this Eton Mess and plan on making it for my family when I get back to the States.

Eton Mess…perfect for summer in Kansas? Yes.

With the tediousness of data collection and coding Matlab scripts, this was the perfect evening to get out of the lab and remind ourselves that we really do love London.


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