Whenever I’m With You

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It’s amazing how many things change when you’ve been away from a place for a year: restaurants close, the airport gets a new terminal, and against all logic the traffic in Atlanta gets worse.

It’s even more amazing the things that don’t change: that feeling of home while driving through the streets of Decatur, effortless conversations with best friends you haven’t seen in a long time.

My past weekend in Atlanta was full of reminiscing, eating, drinking, but most of all reconnecting. Not only was I reconnecting with friends, but I also felt like I was reconnecting with a city that was an essential part of my growing up. When I left Atlanta after graduation last May, I didn’t hesitate. Leaving friends and Agnes Scott was difficult, but I was more than ready to undertake my next adventure.

In my rush to move on, I didn’t really stop to think about why I loved the city so much. Going back this weekend was so effortless, so much like returning home to family. What a gift to go back to Atlanta and truly appreciate all that it gave me.

I hope when I leave London in September I feel like I did all I could to make it home. Although this year of exploring a new city has frustrated me at times, the rewards are so much greater.

When people ask me, “Where’s home?”, it’s almost impossible for me to answer without an extensive conversation. At this point in my life, home is so much more about the people than a place. And I have some pretty amazing people to call home.