It’s Still There

Monday, August 20, 2012

Inscription at the top of Primrose Hill

On top of Primrose Hill there’s an inscription by William Blake, “I have conversed with the Spiritual Sun–I saw him on Primrose Hill.” Conversing with the spiritual sun was basically the motto this weekend as London granted us some oh-so-rare sunny days.

With only a few weeks left in London, I think we’re all starting to panic. Not just because presentations and hand-in deadlines are fast approaching, but because we’re realising all the London we’d like to pack in to our final days. London seems to be encouraging our city-binging with summatime weather.

Saturday morning began with a breakfast picnic on Primrose Hill, a part of Regent’s Park with a stunning view of London. The story goes that Winston Churchill went to Primrose Hill in 1940 when Germany began bombing London, addressing Parliament later that day saying, “Take a walk up Primrose Hill, and look over London. It’s still there.”

View of London from Primrose Hill

We then quickly made it over to the Clockmaker’s Museum in Guildhall, just in time for noon when all the clocks began to chime. The Clockmaker’s Museum is one of those rare finds in a city of absolutely countless cultural excursions. The faint ticking of clocks and the clean lines of glass cases full of history…so calming.


Saturday ended with a trip to Spitalfields Market and drinks in Clapham, but the weekend was no where near complete.

It was essential we pay tribute to the pub where we spent so many nights laughing, drinking pints, and playing cards, so we spent the afternoon at the Royal Albert having Sunday roast. We had joked that we would go for roast in the afternoon and stay until closing, and we inadvertently almost made it to the closing bell. The only thing that pulled us away was the thought of pizza in the park, which was a perfect ending to a full weekend.

Sunset views of Goldsmiths

I’m very much obliged that I’ll be leaving the city having fallen in love with London all over again these past few weeks. With Olympic fever, the sunshine, and continually discovering the secret wonders of this place, it’s getting harder and harder to imagine saying goodbye.


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