Put those letters behind my name


Saturday, September 8, 2012

To say the least, this week has been emotional. Finishing up my thesis, presenting my results to the MMBs and to the group who procured funding for my project, packing my whole life back into those four bags, but most of all saying, “See you soon” to way too many people. Not. Pleasant.

Although we have big plans of an American road trip (we pinky promised, remember!), a trip to Morocco, and holidays in everyone’s respective countries, it doesn’t change the fact that everything’s changing. Everything’s changing.

We attempted to jam as much London into this week as humanly possible, which really means late nights in our favourite pubs, so over the next few days I’ll recap.

We’ll start, however, with the Music, Mind, and Brain poster presentations last Friday. Now, these are no 6th grade science fair tri-folds. These are seriously regimented, big ‘ol posters that are supposed to present our research with as few words and as many pictures as possible.

I made one of these posters for my neuroscience thesis in college and presented it at the Southeastern Psychological Association conference (We even won an award! Skillz.).

Chimp Poster for SEPA in 2011

It was a great day of listening to each other’s research and results. The field of music psychology is so vast, it was amazing to hear just a sampling of the research going on in the field from my own coursemates!

MMB Poster Presentations-August 31, 2012

Looking at these two poster session photos taken over a year apart, it’s amazing to think how much I’ve grown and learned. I guess I’m still pretty into brains, though.

If you’re interested in what’s next for me, we’re in the same boat. I’m taking suggestions.

Right now I’m just looking forward to Daddy arriving in London in a few short hours for a WWII themed trip through Dover, Calais, Caen, the D-Day beaches, and Paris. Then, it’s back to the USA to pet my puppy.

Check back later this week for the recap of my last week in Londontown.



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