Back Home Again

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A weekend full of family was exactly what the doctor ordered for my transition back to the United States. Last weekend, most of the Reveals converged in beautiful Wilmington, Delaware to attend the equally beautiful wedding of Brother #3.

My dad and I made it stateside with just enough time to recover from jet-lag before taking another plane back east for the wedding. Surrounding myself with my silly niece and nephew, three-fifths of the Reveal brothers, my parents, aunt & uncle, and sisters-in-law was a wonderful way to be welcomed back.

I was still having bittersweet feelings about leaving London, but a morning in the pool with Mermaid/Puppy Niece and Sharkboy/Karate Kid Nephew took my mind off all the questions about my future and allowed me to really enjoy being home. It’s easy to live in the present when the room is full of so much love. Break dancing Sharkboy also really helped.


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