Letting Go

Friday, November 16, 2012

A couple days ago the Reveal Family decided to move to a different rental property in our little Kansas town. Our hopeful move date is January 1, and we’ll update everyone with new addresses when our new place actually has an address! The builders are building as I write. With the holidays and our move date fast approaching, this has thrown me into an organization frenzy. Yesterday you would have found me sitting on the bathroom floor sifting through lipstick from 2003.

I think the whole family is much better prepared for this smaller move than we were for The Massive Move from Dayton to Pittsburg a few years ago. At that time the Reveals were so sad to leave our Dayton home behind, we were in serious denial about the whole thing. We got rid of very little, choosing instead put our stuff into storage units or to move silly things (like 50 tubes of lipstick) across the country.

While we still have enough furniture in storage to furnish at least three houses (lucky for me when I decide where to live!), we’re now better equipped to let go of some of the baggage we’ve been carrying.

Speaking of moving, Mom and I met Torey’s family in Washington, D.C. a few weeks ago to help Torey move into a new place a few blocks from where she’s been living for the past year. Even though we only had a few days, we had an incredible time unpacking boxes, putting together furniture, eating cookies, and catching up, and Torey was all settled into her new home when we left. Pictures, anyone? Of course Torey and I didn’t take a single picture together all week, so we’ll just have to see each other real soon.



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