Gather Near to Us Once More

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I’m pretty sure my New Year’s resolution for the past few years has been, “Stay open to new experiences.” As I look back on this year I think I definitely accomplished that goal. I spent most of 2012 in London learning how to run EEGs, establishing relationships, attending shows and concerts, and just enjoying life in the city. I developed an obsession with horseradish and sauerkraut and traveling. As for the end of 2012, I was hired as director of an after school program and substitute teacher extraordinaire. I saw good friends move to new cities to start new jobs and graduate programs. I was so fortunate to finish out the year with lots of time spent with friends and commitments to see other friends very soon.

I’ve never been one for grand commitments for the New Year (although I’m extremely dedicated to learning to drive a manual car this year and writing more letters), so I think I’ll stick to remaining open to new experiences. I’m sure this year will be full of them, as I’m hoping for an awesome new job in an awesome new place and all the things that come with that. Maybe 2013 will even be the year I finally learn to like mushrooms.

As for the blog, I’m going to try my hardest to commit to weekly posts on Thursdays. Why Thursdays? Well, because today is Thursday and it seems like a good day for blogging. Now for happy holiday pictures:


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