Are You Coming to the Shindig?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, Daddy Dearest (whose birthday is today!) finally convinced me to attend “the shindig,” otherwise known as Via Christi Hospital’s Annual Foundation Gala. Via Christi, a 140 bed hospital was the reason we moved to Pittsburg 3 years ago. This growing hospital hired Dr. Daddy to start an orthopedic program. We’ve definitely felt embraced by the Via Christi community, and their annual gala was a great way for me to meet all the people who are fixtures in Dad’s everyday life. My very first Pittsburg friend, Mr. Nutt, joined as my date, and away we went in our fancy dresses and tuxedos.

The goal of the gala (as is the goal of all galas) was to raise money for the hospital’s foundation. Last year they completed an entire floor for women, and they’ve already had 400 babies delivered there! Their next project is a surgery center, a venture of great interest to the Reveal family and our orthopedic surgeon papa. There was a silent auction, a kind of raffle, dinner, dancing, a photo booth.

I’m usually down for any excuse to dress up and do my hair, but the evening was especially meaningful because I knew that the cause was so worthwhile. Now, enjoy some pretty people [doctor]prom pictures! While you’re enjoying those pictures, wish a very happy birthday to the dapper Daddy in the bow tie.


Next week, I’ll be recounting my first day of my After School Arts Program, so come back!

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