When I Say Three, Eyes On Me…1 2 3

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve used the phrases, “Voices off!”, “Eyes forward!”, and “Eyes on me!” this week. I spent Monday-Wednesday subbing in a first grade classroom and then Wednesday afternoon was the first day of my After School Arts Program.

My endless color coding certainly paid off, and the first day ran absolutely smoothly. The kids made it from school, they had their peanut-free snacks, and then seemed to be having a great time in their music, art, and drama classes. Woohoo! My volunteers were crazy amazing, and it was such a relief to have the first day go so well.

A lot of love has gone into this program, and yesterday was only the start of seeing the payback. Watching the kids play instruments, put moustaches on monsters, and learn the elements of a story brought so much joy.

Color-coded tables make everything easier

Color-coded tables make everything easier

Yesterday was also fraught with some internal struggles. While running back and forth between rotations to make sure everyone had what they needed, I kept thinking, “I love this. I love teaching and organizing things. I love kids.” It seemed to me that in that moment I had decided the rest of my life.

If only it were that easy. Later last night we had a guest speaker at youth group who has a neurological movement disorder. While she was speaking to us about her journey and her neurosurgery and her healing, I kept thinking, “I love this. I love the research and therapy. I love the brain.”

Needless to say, it was an exhausting, yet incredibly rewarding day. It simply wasn’t the day to realize my calling, but I have no doubt that I’m getting closer and closer.


One thought on “When I Say Three, Eyes On Me…1 2 3

  1. What a wonderful e-mail Ruth. Sounds as though you hit the nail on the need with the children. You are so very gifted and I am sure your future will be bright no matter what path you follow. You are certainly going about it the right way. Maybe it will be an untraveled path where you are the first. Look at all you have done already. ASAP sounds like lots of fun. Carry on! Baking for Ashley’s today. Smells good in here. Also have been communicating with Anne and she is greatly excited about the snow. She loves it as I do. Best of luck in your ventures. Take care. Love, Lolo Sent from my iPad

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