Thursday, February 14, 2013

Last weekend I got into a bit of a crafting frenzy and decided to make a few Valentine’s Day cards for friends and family. With a little help from Martha, these cards turned out perfectly, and I was so happy to drop my small tokens of love in the mailbox.

Charming hearts.



An airplane valentine for my Sharkboy/Karate Kid nephew. Mermaid/Puppy niece got a pop-up “L-O-V-E” card, but I neglected to snap a picture.


Don’t forget the envelope love!


Mom and I also made some delicious, lovey, pink and red sugar cookies. Sugar cookies aren’t just for Christmas, y’all. Now that I’ve found all of our cookie cutters, expect pictures of Easter and Halloween cookies too. I might even throw in some Earth Day cookies for good measure.

Wishing you lots of love and kisses and candy on this Valentine’s Day!

P.S. My master’s abstract is up on the Goldsmiths website if you wanna check check it out.


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