Birthplace of Aviation

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It’s spring break in the Reveal household, so we took a trip to our favorite Dayton, Ohio to spend time with family and friends.

Mom and I had quite the time with our late flight from Kansas (imagine two ladies running through the airport , only to find our flight was delayed by 45 min), but I woke up Tuesday morning to Bill’s Donuts and the comfort of Lolo’s house.


A delicious dinner at the Oakwood club was on the agenda for Tuesday night, and we woke up early Wednesday for a father/daughter trip to the Air Force Museum.


The Air Force Museum was a monthly outing growing up, but I’d never seen the presidential hanger. This time we got there early enough to snag spots on the bus to see three presidential planes and lots of experimental aircraft.


Today we’re in Indianapolis hanging out with a sweet niece and nephew. Now for more spring breaking!


One thought on “Birthplace of Aviation

  1. Loved your weekly message, Ruth. Nice pictures also. Do hope George made it there. And can’t wait to hear if you were there soon enough to see any of Brain Balance with Beau? Oakwood Club was excellent and it was Rudy’s treat! I got your mom’s favorite— petite surf and turf. George needs to come and spend the weekend with us so he can eat there and do all fun things with us. Puzzel is going well. Even Dan did a few pieces! My lemon bars are ready for Theresa. I am rambling because I miss you all! Had nice breakfast with Brian at First Watch. Then your dad came back, packed up and left. Great time. The waitress who I have had before and she knew Brian said ” I didn’t know Brian was your son! I said I didn’t either. We got quite a laugh. Tell your mom that my blood sugar is up because of the Kenalog. I remember now that it would do that. I notified my primary care. I’ll stop now. See you tomorrow. Love, Lolo

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