To where the wild things are

Thursday, May 9, 2013


They say a bad dress rehearsal makes a good performance, right? Well, I can honestly say that last Wednesday at the After School Arts Program’s dress rehearsal for Where the Wild Things Are, I wasn’t sure we’d have a performance at all. Last Wednesday all the kids were a little too into their wild thing characters, leaving me to fret over the parents and grandparents and siblings coming to see the performance in just a few short days.

Never again will I underestimate children.

They came on time and in costume on Sunday afternoon, beyond excited about their performance. They listened and practiced that hour before the show, and when they all went straight to their places in front of 250 of their family members I nearly cried. Fine, you caught me, there were definitely a couple of tears.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and while my after school kids made me some pretty adorable cards, I really just want to hug and thank each one of them. They’ve taught me the importance of arts programs, they’ve taught me how to get (and keep?) the attention of 50 kids, they’ve taught me that this teaching thing might just be for me after all.

Cards made by my after school program kids

Cards made by my after school program kids

And that leads me to the very big news! Chicago better be getting her best smile ready for me, because in just a few short weeks I’m moving! I’ll go into the details of my job in a later post, but the children of Chicago better prepare for Ms. Reveal.

Now, on to some blurry photos of our Where the Wild Things Are weekend.


3 thoughts on “To where the wild things are

  1. You did a great job Ruth. I don’t know how you and your Mother handled 50 children like you did. Two thumbs up for the Reveal women and Danny Jr.

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