Pillow Talk

Thursday, May 16, 2013

It’s moving day! Well, almost. Today we’re leaving for two weeks in Dayton and Indianapolis with family, and then I hope to snuggle into my new bed at Hallie and Matt’s house in Chicago by June 2.

Mom and I are exceedingly efficient packers, so this week we had some time to complete projects we’ve put off for, well, years.

We made two pillows from fabric I got when I was in Ghana (summer 2009) and then worked on an engagement present pillow for Emily who’s getting married in August (see this post!)

Emily fell in love with this pillow on Pinterest, but wasn’t in love with the hefty price tag.


Being the thrifty and crafty bridesmaid that I am, I said, “I’ll make that, no problem!” I’ll share the finished product in a later post, but here are some photos of the process.

I used 3″x4″ squares of paper as templates for the letters, and then I traced those letters on to fabric backed with Wonder Under. Once we finished the letters, we ironed them on to our pre-purchased pillow case. Easy peasy. Now I’m working on the top-stitching, which will add that finishing touch!

It’s been a busy week in the Reveal household, with Mom and Danny finishing their semesters, Dr. Daddy selling his office building in Dayton, and me packing to move. I’m looking forward to time with family over the next two weeks before starting my new adventure in Chicago!


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