Lesson Plans on Lesson Plans on Lesson Plans

Thursday, July 11, 2013

After a couple of weeks of 12-18 hour days (gah!), yesterday we had a much-needed afternoon off. After an afternoon picnic on the beach with my fella, I dug into lesson planning.

I thought in lieu of a packed blog post about my past month, I’d do a day in the life of Ruth, so here it goes.

5:00am – Alarm goes off, snooze button abused

5:40am – Finally get out of bed, get my lunch together, look over lesson plans, put on an adorable teacher-like outfit

6:50am – Meet the carpool, drive to the South Side

7:30am – Arrive at summer school, fight with the copier for 20 minutes, consider a new seating chart, consider a new profession, make copies

8:00 – Arrive in the cafeteria to some seriously tired faces

8:15 – Take lethargic 8th graders up to my classroom, shake all their hands, realize I kind of like this job again

8:20 – Attempt to engage my students in math for an hour

9:15 – Finish my lesson, feel defeated, grade Exit Tickets, realized they learned something, feel better

10:45 – Take lethargic 8th graders down to lunch where they become lively 8th graders

11:15 – Write lesson plans in unairconditioned room, roast to death

1:00 – Meet carpool, drive north to training

1:45 – Arrive at training, commiserate with colleagues

2:30 – Start the day’s training, learn about teaching strategies I wish I’d known 6 hours earlier in front of my students

6:30 – Meet carpool, drive even further north home

7:30 – Arrive home, roommate cooked me dinner, I’m the happiest

8:15 – Get back to writing lesson plans

11:00 – Get in bed, think about students, think about lesson plans, think about why they never raise their hands, think about tomorrow, think about students, sleep

Needless to say, there are a lot of up and downs to this job. At times, it’s wonderful, I feel at home in front of my class, I feel like I’m growing exponentially as a teacher every day. At times, it’s discouraging, I worry about my students’ home lives, I worry that they don’t get the material, I worry that they won’t stay in school.

Despite the ups and downs, I’ve already been so blessed to be in the classroom with these kids every day. I’m growing not only as a teacher, but as person. Now, back to the grindstone!


5 thoughts on “Lesson Plans on Lesson Plans on Lesson Plans

  1. I loved your blog today and you are making a difference. One day you will be in one of those Hallmark commercials about a teacher who made a difference, you! Love, Lolo

  2. Thanks for the break from Lesson Planning, Ruth! See you tomorrow morning at 6:50, while I am not excited to wake up, I am excited to get to carpool with all you lovely people! 🙂

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