Because these daft and dewy-eyed dopes keep building up impossible hopes

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Here’s what I learned yesterday: never blog on an empty stomach. When you’ve yet to have dinner at 8pm after a 14 hour day, every single thing seems absolutely insurmountable. Really,  I should revise that statement to never lesson plan, or teach children, or look for a job, or look for an apartment on an empty stomach.

See, I’ve done a lot of waiting this week: waiting for the outcome on an apartment application, waiting to start applying for jobs on Monday, waiting for my kids to suddenly understand ratios, waiting for my assessments to be over, waiting to take a nap. It’s a lot of waiting and a lot of overwhelming in here. But, in the morning, with a belly full of cereal and lesson plans submitted, everything seems possible again.

It’s possible for my kids to understand ratios. It’s possible to prepare them for high school. It’s possible to find the perfect place to live. It’s possible to have 3 assessments in one week and survive. It’s possible that I’ll be teaching biology in the fall to a classroom of wonderful kids. Because I’m a dewy-eyed dope who builds impossible hopes, and impossible things are happening every day.

Looking at pictures of this little face always makes me believe that it's possible!

Looking at pictures of this little face always makes me believe that it’s possible!


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