Thursday, July 24, 2013

How to know you’ve arrived as a summer school teacher:

  1. Your students come in an hour and half late but still pick up their early work.
  2. Your students know your name and use it often.
  3. One of your students has attempted to call you by a nickname (e.g. “Freckles”), which you promptly told him was an inappropriate way to address you, but thought to yourself that it was kind of endearing.
  4. Students are no longer afraid to say, “I don’t get it” because they know you’ll help them.
  5. Fist bumps are always reciprocated.
  6. The sound of, “Miss, can you help?” makes you honest to goodness want to cry.

It’s been a long road. Three weeks of battling teenagers to pass their papers in correctly. Three weeks of battling teenagers to come to class on time, to stay awake while learning pie charts, and to call me by my name. I think I’ve finally arrived with only 4 days left. All I can hope is that they’ve learned enough to make them successful in freshman math. That they’ve learned it’s okay to be confused. That they’ve learned to persevere through the toughest lessons in the toughest neighborhood.


One thought on “Arriving

  1. I know your students will really miss you, Ruth, and I am sure they can feel you really care about them and what they have learned. Good work! Love, Lolo

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