On Plans

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Every night around 9:40, someone drives by and plays “La Cucaracha” on their car horn. That guy has a plan. I like that his routine makes it way into my life every night. It’s comforting, but it’s also kind of shocking when I don’t hear it. When I’m sitting in the living room and 9:40pm comes and goes without fanfare.

I’m comforted by plans and routines. I mean, ask Mom to tell you the story of me asking for file folders for my 3rd birthday. So, these past few weeks while I was looking for a job, I was pretty panicked that I didn’t have a plan. That the first day of school would come and go without me.

I’m so happy to announce though that I have I place to be on the first day of school! I took a position with a small career academy on Chicago’s South Side, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ll be teaching biology to juniors (and I think I have a freshmen advisory). This week I’ve been helping with orientation for all the students, so it’s been wonderful to get to know the school, the staff, and some of the students and parents.

By far the scariest thing I had to do this week was introduce myself to a bunch of juniors and their parents in Spanish. I was so nervous to put my rusty Spanish skills to work, but all I had to say was, “Me llamo Senorita Reveal. Soy la profesora de biología.” And then I sat down. But, boy, was my heart pumping.

My school is about 60% Hispanic, so communicating with parents in their language will be something I’m continually working towards. I’m already plotting how some of my more accomplished Spanish-speaking friends can translate some parent letters for me.

With Emily’s wedding this weekend (read about her engagement here) and the first day of school on Monday, I’m a busy lady. It’s so exciting to have all of these fresh starts happening simultaneously. Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “On Plans

  1. So enjoyable to read your blog, Ruth. You will be a wonderful teacher and your class is fortunate to have you. Best of luck next week and have a memorable weekend. Travel safely. George will truly love your friends! Love, Lolo

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