Sometimes It Doesn’t Work

Thursday, September 5, 2013

I have grand ideas about teaching biology. I envision all my happy little students working peacefully with their lab partners. Finishing collecting data one day so we can move on to graphing that data the next. Sometimes it doesn’t work.

My class without enough seats was madness as they tried to measure their heart rates after jumping up and down. My honors class could barely make it through Step 1 of the procedure.  Sometimes it doesn’t work.

And yet, by the time I got to 8th period I had revamped my lesson. And it worked. It worked so well that my craziest class that averages 2 out of 5 class points a day got an unprecedented 6 points. Everybody got raffle tickets. They loved it. They understood. They were so serious while counting their heart rate that any scientist would have been proud. My toughest kid, the one known by his gang name and who storms out of class at a drop of the hat, got every single data point. He was so excited to share. Sometimes it works.

And it’s those moments, 50 minutes out of a long, frustrating day, that make everything worth it.

Now to figure out tomorrow’s plan.


5 thoughts on “Sometimes It Doesn’t Work

  1. These are the most rewarding days in teaching, to finally get through to those you least expect it to. Hope you have many more of these moments! Love, Lolo

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  2. I saw this on facebook and just had to stalk 😉 I’m starting teaching too, and it is SO HARD! My first day was a total cluster****, but it’s encouraging to read this. Hope things keep looking up for you!

  3. Ruth, on CBS a program called ” Teach ” started at 8:00 here. It is about 4 teachers who follow their students for a year. It is very good. Thought you might be able to watch it . Have an enjoyable weekend! Love, Lolo

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