Microscope Quiz

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

We cover your gang-related vandalism with stickers that say “Peace” and signs that say “Research Technician, $39,000 per year.” We talk incessantly about a lab in the hope that it’ll bring you to class on Friday. We physically block you from getting into a fight before 6th period. We walk with you to class because we don’t want you to get suspended again. We ask you about your day because our day has been impossible.

My kids are taking a quiz tomorrow over microscopes. Every week I feel like I’m trying some new tactic to get them to care. One week it was cookies, one week candy, one week it was leaving out short answer questions on a quiz. This week the challenge is this: You must get 80% on your microscope quiz to participate in the microscope lab on Friday. Will it work? I wish I knew.