A Snowy Drive

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Thursday, George and I were driving back from a slightly unfortunate New Year’s in Dayton (to summarize: double stomach flu does not New Year’s kiss make), and I was thinking about the beginning of 2013 and how differently the year ended. Since I’ve been neglecting all of my blog duties and I’m waiting for someone to come replace my cracked windshield, I thought I should reflect on my really really (really?) long year.

Last January, I went back to Kansas after the happiest of New Year’s celebrations having no earthly idea what I would be doing in August. For some reason, August was my deadline to figure out my life, but I knew that if I didn’t get a move on it would be another year of substitute teaching and after school programs and feeling directionless. My directionlessness culminated in February, and my mother announced that she was sending me to be straightened out by two of my most sensible friends in Chicago.

Straighten me out indeed. While Hallie was planting seeds for me to come live with them in their purple bathroom forever, George was winning my heart. After some interviews, a change in direction, and some serious stress, I announced to Hallie that [with or without a job] I’d be coming to live with her in Chicago on June 1.

Miraculously, everything worked out. I was accepted into the teaching fellowship and survived training, which led to a job and my first apartment. I had no idea that a spur of the moment trip to Chicago would lead to a new career in a new city. I had no idea that it was possible to grow so much in one year. I had no idea that I possessed the ability to somehow become a teacher to which students bring unidentifiable bones (it was a distal femur of a cow).

Here’s to another year of discovering more “I had no ideas…”


3 thoughts on “A Snowy Drive

  1. How happy I was to see I had a blog fromRuth! Excellent. And what an interesting year you had, too. Glad I’m kind of living it along with you. Waiting for your Dad’s arrival, putting groceries away from DLM of course, and preparing to put dinner in the oven and watch more football ! Also waiting for tomorrow’s snow. Love, Lolo

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