August 14, 2014

There’s been a thankfulness challenge going around Facebook lately, and I was nominated to think of 3 things for which I’m thankful for 7 days. I’m really bad at doing things consecutively over days, plus we’re traveling this weekend, so I thought I’d just do 21 things I’m thankful for in one fell swoop.

  1. Baby brother Danny Fanny, who models self-reflection for me every day. He’s the coolest kid on the block and he has really awesome thoughts if stop to listen.
  2. Mamacita and Daddy who support me every step of the way.
  3. Daddy for being open about his wishes for his future. It’s really a blessing to have parents who plan ahead (and make sure everyone’s clear on the plans!).
  4. Momma for being my first call when something goes right or wrong.
  5. The older Reveal brothers for teaching me to play 007 and being my big bad wolves when I need protection.
  6. My fella George, for showing me what it means to love someone more and more every day.
  7. Torey, Hallie, and Emily who are my confidants, my favorite ladies, and my prayer warriors. Get some women like them on your side.
  8. An amazing support system across the world. When bad things happen, every one rushes to my side. These people keep me sane and remind me to be thankful.
  9. Grandparents who taught me to sing and laugh and learn and plant and tend and cook and bake and play.
  10. A beautiful place to live (with air conditioning and laundry!) that grew out of stress and heartache.
  11. My Patchy puppy who can always make me smile, even from 700 miles away.
  12. Last year’s students who taught me how to teach. They showed me what it meant to open my heart to a group of teenagers, but they also showed me how to maintain balance and pass out tough love like candy.
  13. This year’s students who are already constantly on my mind. They’re going to push me to be better and I know I’ll come out stronger for knowing them.
  14. My colleagues who are the only ones who truly understand what it means to be a Chicago Public School teacher. We can laugh and cry together, and at the end of the day we do whatever we can to make our school better for our kids.
  15. Cooking and baking for being a stress reliever.
  16. Living in a city where I can eat saag paneer and tacos and sushi. In the same day if I want!
  17. Books that take me to far off lands and help me escape from the stress of the school year.
  18. Sweet summertime where I get to sleep in, eat watermelon, learn more about my craft, and plan for this year’s kiddos.
  19. My car for driving thousands of miles to get me to work in a place where public transportation is…well…far.
  20. Fresh flowers and clean apartments.
  21. Hot dogs, Netflix, and Trader Joe’s lava cakes.



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