We Could’ve Been Anywhere

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

On Sunday while waiting for our airplane, Mom said, “We could have been in any city. It didn’t matter. We were so focused on each other, so happy to be together, that we could have been anywhere.” That’s what it’s like to have friends who have truly become family. It never matters where we meet, we’re just so happy to be together.

This weekend some of my childhood friends and our parents met in New York City to see our friend in “It’s Only A Play.” It was so good to be back with these friends who I consider home. We can talk until 2 in the morning about anything and everything. Their hugs can clear every worry.

Here are some pictures from our whirlwind weekend. It was a much needed break from school and Chicago that keeps getting colder and colder.


4 thoughts on “We Could’ve Been Anywhere

  1. I’m happy for all of you that you were able to come from near and far to honor a friend and his fantastic achievement —– Broadway. bravo! Xo, Lolo

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