Champagne for Days

Friday, April 10, 2015

Being engaged is pretty great. I get to plan a very special day with my very favorite person. I get to look at pictures of flowers and dresses. I get to dream about doughnut cakes and line dance mash-ups. But, if you need an extra reason to get engaged here it is: people want to give you champagne. So much champagne.


The champagne pushing began on E-Day (aka Engagement Day and the title of George’s Google folder with all the super secret surprise plans) and continued through dress shopping, bridal show perusing, celebratory dinners, and ring shopping. Everyone wants to give us champagne and I am absolutely not complaining.

As proof, here are some pictures from the past month of celebration. Can’t wait to celebrate all the way up to July 3, 2016 and then for around 80 years after that.


2 thoughts on “Champagne for Days

  1. I’m so honored. I made your blog–my photo that is. Bridal shopping, visiting, champagne, George’s delicious bean burgers, champagne–yeah! I’m glad you’re engaged!

  2. So very happy for you and George, Ruth. Just know you will have a wonderful engagement year, and a special year of planning that special day. Love, Lolo

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