Wedding Wednesday – Favors

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

It’s Wedding Wednesday: Favors Edition! A few days ago we celebrated our -1 year anniversary (read: negative 1 year), so now it’s officially time to kick the wedding planning into high gear. It’s not as though we haven’t already been planning things – most of the big stuff is taken care of or will be when we meet with vendors in Madison next weekend.

We haven’t nailed down a theme for our wedding exactly, but basically we’re taking brunch and adding some really deeply personal touches that speak to us, both as individuals and as a couple. One of those personal details is the favors.

My only real requirement for the favors was that they had to be consumable. I’m a very anti-clutter type person, so I can’t imagine why anyone, except maybe our parents, would want anything engraved with our wedding date or names on it.

So, the idea of homemade jelly was born. As I talked about in this post, some of my favorite memories are making jelly with my grandmother in her kitchen. Grandpa would come home with bushels of blackberries that he had painstakingly picked with his socks-turned-gloves and we’d spend the entire afternoon juicing and stirring and boiling and filling and waiting for their lids to pop.

We decided on little mini jars of jelly so people can take them home on the airplane and Mom, Danny, George, and I had such fun filling the tiny jars. We were completely amazed that we could do 6 batches of jelly in 2 hours. Many hands make light work! It’s also awesome because we can make them a year in advance when the fruit is actually in season and not have to worry about rushing to put favors together the week before the wedding.

I think we succeeded in creating favors that exude both brunch and personal history. Now, it’s just a matter of not forgetting them in the closet a year from now!


7 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday – Favors

  1. What a fun blog, Ruth. I know you all had a good time making these delicious favors too, a thoughtful favor each person can enjoy. Less than a year now and we will all be together to celebrate, can’t wait. Love, Lolo

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