Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Photos

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I do a lot of random Googling when preparing for something I’ve never done before. Before taking our engagement photos, there were some super random Google searches like, “What color should I paint my nails for my engagement photos?” Luckily, I’m not the only one who asks such important questions.

What Google didn’t tell me in preparation for our engagement photos, however, was how to act naturally in front of a camera. Getting all kissy and cute with my George is easy when we’re alone, but in the middle of a park? With a strange camera? Not so easy.

That’s where our incredible photographer, Audre Rae Krull, comes in. She made us feel so comfortable, cracking jokes, encouraging us to drink that extra glass of champagne to loosen up, and shouting out “Get cute!” at the perfect moments. The engagement session was an amazing opportunity for us to get to know her, for her to get to know our story and personalities, and for us to get used to “getting cute” in front of her camera.

We planned a picnic engagement session because picnics have been such an important part of our relationship. I think our first 5 or so dates included some kind of a picnic!

So, now for some of our favorite photos from the shoot! Thanks again to Audre Rae Photography!


3 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Photos

  1. Love the engagement photos, Ruth. You and George are very photogenic and I’m certain Audre had an enjoyable time being with you. A beautiful setting for the pictures and looked like a perfect day. Lovely pictures to cherish for years to come. Thanks for sharing. Love, Lolo

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