Mother/Daughter Weekend

Tuesday, August 25, 2016

For two years now, my bestie friend Torey and I have convinced our mamas to go on a mother/daughter weekend with us. Last year we chose extreme pampering (think daily massages, reflexology, facials, and yummy spa lunches) at the Kerr House, a Victorian themed spa that was so so much fun and relaxing. This year, however, we decided to focus a little less on pampering and a little more a leaving time for us to just chat and be together. So, off to Branson, Missouri we went!


Branson is a sweet little tourist town with tons and tons of live shows. Like tons. We had our choice of Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede, Dick Clark’s Bandstand, riverboat shows, family acts, comedy routines, gospel revivals – you name it. We opted for the Showboat Branson Belle, a variety show and dinner on a boat, and Legends in Concert, which is basically a show of amazing impersonators (most notably, we saw Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, and Adele). While the shows were fun, my favorite moments were those we just spent together – either walking down the boardwalk, sitting on our B&B’s deck, eating a giant 7-layer chocolate cake, or even our short trip to Urgent Care for a busted eyebrow (ahem, Mother). I’m so thankful for such strong friendships and I love seeing how our relationships develop over time as our mothers become more than just mothers – they’re turning into our closest confidants and our best sources of advice.


2 thoughts on “Mother/Daughter Weekend

  1. So happy you all had an entertaining and fun weekend together. Some of the best shows too. An excellent tradition to keep up. Love, Lolo

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