Wedding Wednesday: Radio Card Box

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I can’t believe it’s almost October! This week has been spattered with random wedding things, like one of our hotel blocks already filling up and having to deal with the confusion of adding more rooms (apparently everyone’s super on the ball, which I appreciate).

A few months ago, my mom had a brilliant idea to find a radio-shaped card box for the reception (ya know, since George kind of likes radio a little bit). We found one to rent, but George really wanted to try our hands at making our own from a reproduction radio. He didn’t want to tear apart a vintage radio, especially one that still worked (the horror!), so he’s been keeping an eye on Craigslist and eBay for the past 2 months trying to find the perfect candidate.

After a few failed attempts, he finally found a reproduction radio with a tape deck underneath a lid – he thought it’d be easy to remove the tape deck and then build a box inside. So, George trekked out to the suburbs southwest of the city and bought the radio from a very nice man.

We ripped out the tape deck, spent hours measuring and building a model out of poster board until we finally felt comfortable putting the X-acto knife to black mat board. After adding a few finishing touches, it turned out perfectly! And the best part about it is the radio still works, so after the wedding we have a vintage-looking, working radio to add to our decor.


6 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Radio Card Box

  1. Now that is the most unique card box ever. You two could go into business making specialized boxes ! I really mean that. A great idea and awesome result. Good work. Love, Lolo

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  2. Ruth, this is the coolest thing ever!!! I LOVE IT! You should definitely pin this step by step process so all radio lovers can do it too! Hats off to you & George! 😲😄😄😄

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