Wedding Wednesday: Welcome Dinner

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

When George and I started talking about our rehearsal dinner, we felt overwhelmed by the number of people we wanted to invite. Everyone is traveling to the wedding from out of town, so where do we draw the line between people to invite to the rehearsal? I believe we were strolling through the aisles of our favorite bulk store looking at stacks of frozen hamburgers, when I had the brilliant idea to throw a 4th of July weekend cookout the night before the wedding!

We decided to keep it simple: reserve a park shelter in Madison, find a caterer to provide yummy cookout fare, invite everyone, and maybe throw in a few summer surprises! So, then we just had to find a venue – which seems easy, right? Call the park district, tell them which shelter we want, throw in an alcohol permit – simple enough. Um, no. Apparently in Madison, everyone wants a park shelter. So there’s a lottery. A lottery! And the lottery starts at 7:30am on a Tuesday. A Tuesday!

Fast forward to November and off George went at 4:00am on Tuesday morning with our ranked list of park shelters, the checkbook, and his lucky socks. He got there about an hour early, and there were already people waiting. He said by the time 7:30 rolled around and they started handing out tickets, there were probably around 150 people there.

IMG_4826 IMG_4823

So, he’s waiting there, taking a video of them drawing the first ticket for our one second video compilation, and they call his number first! George said everyone who he encountered congratulated him on being the first ticket and he felt like a celebrity.

We got our first choice shelter, filled out all the necessary paperwork, and George drove back home to Chicago, stopping on the way to buy a real, scratch-off lottery ticket (just in case, ya know?).


2 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Welcome Dinner

  1. How sweet is that?! Congratulations on getting your first choice. Who knew that many people think so far ahead for an outing next summer ? Crazy and very happy for you that it worked out so well. Send me a pair of those lucky socks ! Love, Lolo

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