Wedding Wednesday: Mood Board

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I was ready to write a year-in-review for 2015, but then I realized it was Wednesday, and I already had the perfect topic for Wedding Wednesday.

The challenge of planning a wedding when all your friends and family and in-laws, etc. live on opposite sides of the country is definitely communication. I want to include everyone and give them all the little details about the colors and the flowers and the music and the doughnut tower (yep, you read that right – reason #3005 we’re having a brunch wedding); however, it’s hard and I don’t want the wedding to be the only thing we talk about!

Enter the Drake-Reveal wedding mood board. I would have called it a “vision” board, but all of the things I’ve listed are no longer visions, they’re actually happening for real.

I thought to myself, “Hmm – real bloggers make these cool collages all the time. There must be a super simple way to take a bunch of my Pinterest pins and Etsy purchases and put them into a trendy collage.” Well – if there is an easy way, someone please clue me in. It was so time consuming. But, ultimately I think completely worthwhile. First, it’s a really succinct way to present a lot of info about the wedding at once. Second, it makes people feel like they’re more ‘in-the-know’ about some of our wedding choices. Third, it’s a quick way to give in-laws an idea about what to wear without typing endlessly about the bridesmaids’ and MOB’s dresses.

And, behold – the Drake-Reveal Wedding Mood Board.

Wedding Mood Board - Blog Version


4 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: Mood Board

  1. How fun to look at all your plans coming together. Wonderful colors too. Can hardly wait for July. Happy New Year ! Love, Lolo

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  2. Oh my Goodness! Ruth! I am in LOVE with your wedding! Lol the vision board is wonderful & all your choices are just so seamlessly perfect 😄 I have never met George, but even without knowing you two as a couple, I can see 100% representation of you both in every aspect of the wedding. Which is one of the very top things to strive for when designing a wedding!
    As a wedding planner myself, hats off to you two & a job well done ❤👍 It’s going to be a gorgeous and memorable milestone!

  3. How cool is that! I love the color scheme–very unique, earthy, delicate and lovely. Especially like “Mom’s” dress; blends beautifully. Thanks for sharing!

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