Tuesday, February 2, 2016

“Things aren’t always as they seem,” my mother said ominously as she dropped me off at school on my 12th birthday. I ignored her, as any newly 12-year-old would do, and walked into school. It turned out that my friends had planned an epic surprise which involved a blindfold, being put into an unknown van, and then ending up at Marion’s Piazza with my best friends. This tradition then continued throughout high school – although it become less and less of a surprise, it was still just as sweet.

Dr. Daddy got an even more epic surprise this weekend to celebrate his 75th year on this earth. Friday began with Daddy needing to go to the bank to get something notarized, and my mom refusing to go with him because she “had 33 things on her list.” The 33 things took a back seat to picking George and I up at the airport – we’d finagled our ways to getting Friday off so we could head to Springfield as the first wave of Dr. Daddy surprises.

Dad seemed surprised to see us, although we’d also surprised my mom for her birthday in September, so maybe we weren’t such a surprise.

Waking up Saturday morning, Danny needed to “go get a card” for Dad’s birthday (except he really did need to get a card), so off we went to the airport to pick up brother #4 who was flying in from North Carolina. From there, we met our wonderful family friends, Nancy & Lois, with their escort, brother #1, who had driven from Ohio that morning. From there, we went to meet brothers #2 and 3 with their families, who had come from Indiana and Texas, respectively. We spent a few minutes catching up, and then we all headed over to the house for the big reveal (pun definitely intended).

Mom organized the brothers from oldest to youngest, and in they walked to greet Daddy one at a time. Nancy and Lois walked in last and we all broke out into “Happy Birthday.” Daddy’s reaction was one of complete shock – he hardly said anything as they all filed in, but he said later that it was one of the best days of his life. We celebrated the rest of the evening with Marion’s Piazza driven all the way from Dayton, a magic show, and Lois’s incomparable caramel icing (on my chocolate cake that was definitely not incomparable).

Happy 75th birthday, Daddy! We love you so so much!

P.S. We hired a photographer to capture the extremely rare moment of all 6 of Dad’s children being in one place, so I can’t wait to share those photos once we get them!