Wedding Wednesday: Invitations

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

George taught me a new word while we were sealing envelopes the other morning: skeuomorph. I was explaining to him that the original purpose of have an outer and inner envelope on wedding invitations, which was to protect the inner envelope for this super special invitation because outer envelopes often got really dirty in the mail. He said, “Oh, it’s like a skeuomorph,” and he explained it was a design element that used to serve a purpose, like rivets on jeans, but now was just part of the design. My response was, “Oh, it’s like a vestigial structure!” (I explained to him that vestigial structures are basically leftover structures our ancestors needed, like wisdom teeth, that we don’t need anymore). Nerdy science teacher alert. But, really – here are some examples of skeuomorphic designs that are cool and here’s a video on vestigial structures that’s similarly cool.

Before planning our wedding, I was pretty versed in all the etiquette that accompanies a wedding – so then it was just a matter of deciding what social “rules” we wanted to follow and those we wanted to discard. Having an inner and an outer envelope is a tradition we decided to keep because I think it helps people feel more comfortable when they know exactly who is invited to the wedding. They don’t have to wonder “Are my kids invited?” or “Can I bring a guest?” And I don’t have to send any awkward text messages to clarify the guest list later.

Our invites were a fun part of the planning process because George and I designed them together on an awesome free design website called Canva. We then had them printed online, ordered double the envelopes any normal person would require, shipped the envelopes to a calligrapher because I didn’t want to hand address all the invitations, and spent less than an hour with George’s mom stuffing invitations this weekend. It was surprisingly relaxing and now they’re done! We’re still waiting on a return address stamp, so they probably won’t go out for another couple of weeks, but I’m so glad I don’t have to think about them anymore.

Also, a pro-tip for sealing envelopes – use a glue stick. No licking, no water, no mess…it’s basically genius. Thanks to the other brides who post to bridal message boards for the best idea ever.