Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Showers

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

I was lucky enough to have two bridal showers – one hosted in Chicago by my future sisters-in-law and the other hosted in Dayton (my hometown) by my best friend and her mom. Both of the showers were so beautiful and perfectly suited to my personality – I knew how much work the hostesses were putting into planning and orchestrating these showers, so I wanted to show them some appreciation! As I talked about with our favors though, I prefer to give meaningful, consumable gifts (probably because that’s also what I prefer to receive!).

Enter: homemade limoncello and vanilla extract.


Homemade limoncello


Homemade vanilla extract and chocolate chip oatmeal quick bread.

I decided to make homemade limoncello for my sisters in law (George and I drank limoncello on our first date, so it’s meaningful to us) and it was super easy! We just zested a bunch of lemons, let them sit in some everclear for a few weeks, and then strained the zest, added a simple syrup and put it into pretty bottles.




The vanilla extract was even easier! We split a vanilla bean, put it into vodka, and then let it sit for a few weeks. Add pretty bottles and some ribbon – done! I paired the vanilla extract with a chocolate oat quick bread in a jar.

These gifts were so easy to make and they were only a small way to show how much I appreciated all the time and effort my hostesses put into the showers. Being surrounded by my loved ones on those two days gave me a glimpse of the overwhelming amount of love George and I will feel on our wedding day! We’re less than a month away now!


One thought on “Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Showers

  1. I loved this blog, Ruth. Your hostess gifts were thoughtful and creative. I know how much you loved each shower and all the wonderful gifts, guests, love, and sincere best wishes for you and George.can hardly wait for July 3 rd. Love, Lolo 😊 💕

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