Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

We’re married! And I’m still so overwhelmed with the amount of love I felt on our wedding day, that I can’t possibly craft a post about it yet, so I’ll settle for something much more manageable today – the honeymoon.

Our honeymoon was actually one of the most difficult parts of our wedding to research. Getting married in a small place like Madison made it easy to choose our other vendors – we just picked the best ones from the small pool of local vendors, but with our honeymoon we had the whole world! Based on our married friends’ recommendations, we knew we wanted something relaxing. Although we met in London, Europe was eliminated early on because we felt like we’d spend most of the time wanting to see friends, visiting our favorite places, and traveling nonstop. We wanted our honeymoon to be all about us – we didn’t want a strict travel itinerary or jet lag or super long flights. And so, after weeks of research, we decided on the Bahamas. We picked an all inclusive because we wanted people to feed us when we emerged from our cabana on the beach with endless strawberry daiquiris.

We were on a budget, so the indoor spaces of our resort definitely could have benefitted from an update, a dehumidifier, and better air conditioning, but the outdoor spaces were picture perfect. The ocean was clear and calm and beautiful – and we spent 8 hours a day under our cabana, reading books (including both of us reading The Martian, which we called our “honeymoon book club”), trying to remember every little detail from the wedding, and just enjoying each other. Our days we punctuated by 11am Aqua Zumba and our favorite song coming on over the resort’s speakers (Omi’s ‘Cheerleader’). We went snorkeling and saw tons of fish and sea turtles, ate conch fritters, and slept in. It was exactly what we needed after 16 months of wedding planning.


One thought on “Wedding Wednesday: Honeymoon

  1. Your pictures are fabulous. So very happy for you two and that you had a relaxing and enjoyable honeymoon. Welcome back to reality ! 😊 ❤️

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