We Moved!: Ohio Home Tour

Thursday, August 25, 2016

These past few weeks have been full of packing, hours of phone calls to Comcast, dinners with friends, and saying goodbye to Chicago while getting ready to call Ohio home [again]. Both sides of the pro/con list for moving to Ohio were full, but ultimately, the decision to move closer to Daddy as he lives with ALS was an easy one. I remember as I was telling my coworkers about our decision, one of them said, “That’s a decision you won’t regret,” and I was so thankful that she said that. I needed that reassurance.

So – here we are in Dayton! After a frustrating few weeks with an apartment we thought we were moving into, we ended up finding a little yellow house in the town where I grew up. Despite the musty basement, a ceiling fan that doesn’t ‘fan’, and a lawn to mow, we’re loving it so far. We love not having to tiptoe around for fear of being too loud for our downstairs neighbors. We love the storage space and being able to say, “Oh, just put that in the basement.” We love being able to walk to Ben & Jerry’s and get to my parents’ house in 10 minutes.

Moving to Ohio means our tribe responded to our call for help – we’re so grateful for the help we had moving into our little yellow house – we really couldn’t have done it without everyone’s individual expertise. We’re also so grateful for the squad we left in Chicago – we can’t wait to see everyone again soon!


Our Wedding: DIY & Details

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Creating some of the details for our wedding was definitely one of my favorite parts of the planning process. George and I would dedicate a Saturday or a weeknight to knocking some of the DIY details off of our list, and it was a really fun time to connect with each other while creating something meaningful for our wedding.

We tried to make all of the details really personal – we didn’t want just a “pretty” wedding, but we wanted everything to be symbolic of our relationship.

I wrote before about making the jelly favors a radio card box for the wedding, and we also folded about a million (really around 115) paper airplanes, which had multiple meanings for us: I grew up in Dayton, Oh, which is known by all [locals, at least] as the ‘birthplace of aviation,” my father got his private pilot’s license when he moved to Kansas, and George and I had to fly across the ocean to meet each other.

We didn’t want all of the symbolism we had worked so hard to inject into our wedding to go overlooked by guests, so we created a 4 page newspaper, which served as our program while also giving background info on the wedding party, the wedding dress, the meaningful elements in the day, and even had a fun crossword so everyone could test their knowledge of our relationship. Creating the newspaper was an INSANE amount of work, but it paid off big time. Our guests felt so much more connected to our wedding, it helped to spur conversations at the tables, and we now have this incredible keepsake to look back on in years to come.

Our Wedding: Dance Party

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We chose to have a brunch wedding (which was the perfect choice for us), but just because it’s morning doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome dance party! We had an amazing DJ (DJ Step of the Chicago Fire) who played all of our favorite songs, did some killer transitions, and kept the party rockin’.

We started the dance party with a pretty traditional first dance – we danced to Randy Newman’s “Feels Like Home.” Fun fact about the night George and I met: we bonded over our mutual love of Randy Newman because I was going to a Randy Newman concert for my birthday about a month from the night we met. I think George’s appreciation of Randy Newman is what gave me that little thought in the back of my head that maybe I should hang out with this guy some more.

Here are some of our favorite lyrics from the song:

Something in your eyes, makes me wanna lose myself
Makes me wanna lose myself in your arms.
There’s something in your voice makes my heart beat fast,
Hope this feeling lasts the rest of my life.
If you knew how lonely my life has been, and how long I’ve waited for your touch.
If you knew how I wanted someone to come along,
and change my life the way you’ve done.

Feels like home to me
Feels like I’m all the way back where I come from.
Feels like home to me.
Feels like I’m all the way back where I belong.

Our Wedding: Family & R&G Portraits

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Before our wedding day, our [incredible] photographer, Audre Rae Photography, asked for a list of family photos we wanted – we have big families, so thinking through the many combinations of photos we wanted before that day helped to make the process run smoothly, make sure no one felt left out, and make sure we didn’t forget any photos! I’ve already spent waaaay too long making photo albums, so I know these photos will be ones that we treasure.

After the family photos were finished (and the family could go enjoy Bloody Marys and mimosas), we borrowed a golf cart and went off roading to a spot Audre had scoped out before had. One of my favorite memories of the day was definitely laughing with Audre as she hung on to the back of the golf cart, cameras bouncing. These photos ended up being some of my favorite – they feel so personal and it was time for George and I to get used to the idea of being married!


Our Wedding: Ceremony & Wedding Party

Tuesday, July 2, 2016

Tomorrow we will officially have been married a month, and today I’m sharing my favorite part of our wedding day: our ceremony. I get a little misty thinking about it – it was such an emotional half hour. When we were planning our wedding, we really had to be mindful about putting as much work into the ceremony as we were putting into the welcome picnic and reception. After all, the ceremony is the whole point of the weekend! Luckily, we had an incredible officiant to guide us, Pat Werk from Koru Ceremony. Pat gave us tons of options for the ceremony, from readings to vows to opening words to benedictions. We picked out every word of our ceremony, so it was perfectly tailored to us and how we wanted to start our marriage.

We opted to have a “techless” ceremony (taking a page from a few friends’ books and a few photographer horror stories), and I think it helped our guests to feel more present in the ceremony. We also wrote our own vows (with help from some online resources), which now I want to post all over our house because I love them so much. Those little personal touches are what make me want to go relive our ceremony over and over again. It’s such a strange feeling, standing up in front of everyone you love to make a huge commitment to your partner. What’s even more strange though is how everyone else seemed to melt away throughout the ceremony – George and I were so focused on each other. An amazing feeling.

Officiant: Koru Ceremony | Photos: Audre Rae Photography | Flowers: Flora by Jamae | Bridesmaid Dresses: RenzRags | Suits: Jos. A. Bank | Wedding Gown: Anna Maier