Our Wedding: Family & R&G Portraits

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Before our wedding day, our [incredible] photographer, Audre Rae Photography, asked for a list of family photos we wanted – we have big families, so thinking through the many combinations of photos we wanted before that day helped to make the process run smoothly, make sure no one felt left out, and make sure we didn’t forget any photos! I’ve already spent waaaay too long making photo albums, so I know these photos will be ones that we treasure.

After the family photos were finished (and the family could go enjoy Bloody Marys and mimosas), we borrowed a golf cart and went off roading to a spot Audre had scoped out before had. One of my favorite memories of the day was definitely laughing with Audre as she hung on to the back of the golf cart, cameras bouncing. These photos ended up being some of my favorite – they feel so personal and it was time for George and I to get used to the idea of being married!



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