Our Wedding: DIY & Details

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Creating some of the details for our wedding was definitely one of my favorite parts of the planning process. George and I would dedicate a Saturday or a weeknight to knocking some of the DIY details off of our list, and it was a really fun time to connect with each other while creating something meaningful for our wedding.

We tried to make all of the details really personal – we didn’t want just a “pretty” wedding, but we wanted everything to be symbolic of our relationship.

I wrote before about making the jelly favors a radio card box for the wedding, and we also folded about a million (really around 115) paper airplanes, which had multiple meanings for us: I grew up in Dayton, Oh, which is known by all [locals, at least] as the ‘birthplace of aviation,” my father got his private pilot’s license when he moved to Kansas, and George and I had to fly across the ocean to meet each other.

We didn’t want all of the symbolism we had worked so hard to inject into our wedding to go overlooked by guests, so we created a 4 page newspaper, which served as our program while also giving background info on the wedding party, the wedding dress, the meaningful elements in the day, and even had a fun crossword so everyone could test their knowledge of our relationship. Creating the newspaper was an INSANE amount of work, but it paid off big time. Our guests felt so much more connected to our wedding, it helped to spur conversations at the tables, and we now have this incredible keepsake to look back on in years to come.


4 thoughts on “Our Wedding: DIY & Details

  1. Hi there!
    Love ure style n post! 😊💖 lets be friends. A follow for follow? Check out my blog for diy projects!

  2. What a lovely reminder of a perfect day ! Such detailed and meaningful planning made it a day for all of us to remember with loving thoughts. Thank you for a memorable wedding . Love, Lolo ❤️

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