We Moved!: Ohio Home Tour

Thursday, August 25, 2016

These past few weeks have been full of packing, hours of phone calls to Comcast, dinners with friends, and saying goodbye to Chicago while getting ready to call Ohio home [again]. Both sides of the pro/con list for moving to Ohio were full, but ultimately, the decision to move closer to Daddy as he lives with ALS was an easy one. I remember as I was telling my coworkers about our decision, one of them said, “That’s a decision you won’t regret,” and I was so thankful that she said that. I needed that reassurance.

So – here we are in Dayton! After a frustrating few weeks with an apartment we thought we were moving into, we ended up finding a little yellow house in the town where I grew up. Despite the musty basement, a ceiling fan that doesn’t ‘fan’, and a lawn to mow, we’re loving it so far. We love not having to tiptoe around for fear of being too loud for our downstairs neighbors. We love the storage space and being able to say, “Oh, just put that in the basement.” We love being able to walk to Ben & Jerry’s and get to my parents’ house in 10 minutes.

Moving to Ohio means our tribe responded to our call for help – we’re so grateful for the help we had moving into our little yellow house – we really couldn’t have done it without everyone’s individual expertise. We’re also so grateful for the squad we left in Chicago – we can’t wait to see everyone again soon!


4 thoughts on “We Moved!: Ohio Home Tour

  1. Awesome ! I just love your new home. You have put it together beautifully also. Great space, great community. Best wishes. Love, Lolo ❤️

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